Agricultural Spraying

Betaz Aviation Company offers the flight against pests for the agriculture pesticide by aircraft and helicopter in the field of public health services.

Agricultural services, aerial spraying, fighting insects, larvae struggle, fly spraying, swamp, canal, pond spraying, spraying sunn pests, the olive fruit fly spraying, spraying rice, weed spraying, orchard and cotton pest management, air and fertilizer, aerial seed dispersal, aerial spraying of forests and wooded areas, wild animal rabies vaccination can also be dispersed over a wide area in a short amount of time. Regions and producers of agricultural pesticides by plane are very important for the development. Existing tools and equipment in the agricultural spraying against pests are more expensive in terms of both time and cost. Under these circumstances the only alternative for agricultural producers is the aerial spraying of agricultural pesticides by aircraft and helicopter.

Agricultural aerial spraying by agriculture spraying helicopter in Turkey and aircraft work performed in the world and in Turkey for many years. Agricultural pesticide spraying using helicopters and aircraft is the preferred method used in the world because of the low price combined with fast accurate results. Aerial agriculture pesticide is the most important method because of the increase in productivity in agriculture as well as the improvement in the quality of products. Agricultural aviation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and public health concerns with the purpose of conservation and utilization of biological resources aimed at the use of aircraft and helicopters is a branch of an aviation service. From day one of work our company explores the application form and controls the method of aerial spraying of agricultural pesticides by helicopters and aircrafts. Aerial spraying of agricultural areas by aircraft and helicopter includes two different methods ways such as conventional and ULV.  Aerial spraying by agriculture helicopters and aircraft gives a better response from the plant as the chemicals penetrate fast giving effective results compared to the more traditional methods. In countries with an advanced agricultural sector, 80 percent of pesticide spraying is done using helicopters or aircraft spraying. Agricultural spraying aircrafts and helicopters are equipped with ULV devices and use a series of AU5000 atomizer. In addition, agricultural aircraft and helicopters have agricultural GPS devices. Agricultural spraying helicopters are capable of spraying pesticides over 240 hectares of area in an hour and agricultural spraying aircrafts are capable of spraying pesticide over 360 hectares of area in an hour. The spraying of insects by helicopter has recently started in Turkey as a new way to combat pests and it has proved a useful implementation.  Agricultural spraying has proved to be highly efficient and has been in use in Izmir for more than 5 years. Agricultural spraying helicopter in Turkey, Agricultural spraying aircraft in Turkey.

Agricultural spraying helicopters are economic and give accurate results quickly on controlling pests and weeds, damaging agriculture or destroying them completely.  

Our company offers services such as agriculture spraying by helicopter and aircraft applicable legal regulations within framework of its license and certificate. For this purpose, we have certificate and permits :

-Plane Plant Protection Business Certificate (Directorate General of Civil Aviation)

-Permit of Cardinals Against Insects Drug Application in the Field of Public Health (Provincial Health Directorate)

-ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate (International Certification Registrar)

-ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Certificate (International Certification Registrar)

In the agricultural spraying operations, human health, the environment, beneficial organisms, wildlife, conservation of natural factors  kept in the foreground.