Cargo Helicopter

Betaz Aviation Cargo helicopter, reaches to places for freight transport which are inaccessible by road, GSM base stations, cable car construction, erection and dismantling of wind turbines, firefighting operations in forests and industrial fires are engaged by specialist staff.

There are too many companies involved in aircraft manufacturing in the world.  However, the same cannot be said about helicopters. Helicopters are an original tool of aerial vehicle. Although there is no another option to catch planes at an airport, helicopters can land almost anywhere often in the remotest regions. That ability opens a special area for the helicopter within the aviation industry.

Betaz Aviation Center in Turkey is engaged in the work of, VIP passenger transporting by helicopter, helicopter rental, heavy lift helicopter, agricultural spraying helicopters, agricultural aircraft, fire-fighting helicopters, aerial photography and other activities with the external side cargo helicopter and cargo transportation. Installation of cable car by heavy lift helicopter Mi-26, Ka-32, Mi-8MTV, as a name of cargo helicopter, montage of GSM base station installation and transportation of wind propellers is their professional business and is completed with care.

Our company has a great experience of transportation of goods by cargo helicopters Mi-26, Ka-32, Mi-8 MTV to the areas which are traditionally difficult to reach by land. The company handles the aerial forest fire fighting business successfully and has been fire-fighting using helicopters for many years in accordance with the Ministry Of Forestry regulations.  Helicopters Ka-32, Mi-26, Mi-8MTV are equipped with more than 20 number of private water system (bambi bucket) and the crew has extensive experience of successful fire suppression. Cargo helicopters Mi-26, Ka-32, Mi-8 MTV have been serving all over Turkey in such cities as Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul and Mugla. In the near future we are planning to build representative offices in Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa in the business of cargo helicopter. Helicopter rental, aircraft rental, heavy lift helicopter, agricultural spraying by helicopter used to be an expensive method compared to land based methods 10 years ago. But today, cargo helicopters Mi-26, Ka-32, Mi-17, Mi-8MTV, helicopter rental, air taxi business has become an ordinary request.

Cargo helicopter in Turkey hire business is seen as a time-saving method by many investors. It is important for Turkey to carry cargo by helicopters to continue its growth.  Turkey is a country with mountainous geography.  It is both difficult and expensive to make your way by land as vast areas are covered by forests without damaging the trees. Transporting cargo by helicopter as a business began to gain importance and started to enter the sector quickly.  Betaz Aviation is the expert in the business of transporting cargo by helicopter. It is proud for us that we are the company that has created a name in its regard not only in Turkey, also all over the world.