Helicopter Rental

Betaz Aviation helicopter rental services in Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, Adana, Nevsehir, Bodrum, Marmaris each point of operation is based in our country.

As a helicopter rental company, we offer; air taxi, VIP transporting, helicopter tours, helicopter and aerial photography, helix, helicopter rental in Turkey services for special occasions.

We developed new projects to transport employees to marine petroleum platforms (offshore operation). Flight over water operations as an operation of offshore or personnel transporting to oil platforms require high professionalism. We do our business in professional manner such as ; marine platform used for various purposes, a fixed oil exploration platform, oil exploration ship platform and passenger transporting capacity of 10-12 helicopters or Offshore operations. Today, helicopter rental in Turkey is no longer a luxury aviation. Alternative helicopter rental services save your time, space and money. Helicopter rental in Turkey fees vary according to the requested helicopter rental service. Helicopter rental in Turkey fees vary depending on the type of helicopter rental, helicopter rental service requested, the distance, the demand for helicopter rental (business) and other data, according to the amount of 1-hour helicopter rental. Prices vary according to the requested rental helicopter. In Turkey Helicopter rental in Turkey prices have dropped significantly compared to previous years. The corresponding decrease in rent prices of the helicopter rental services, the number of helicopter rental companies began to increase. The increase in the number of helicopter rental companies, allowing these companies to renew their fleets of helicopters, air taxi, VIP passenger transportation, helisky, aerial photography, reconnaissance surveillance, such as helicopter tours, helicopter service in different areas has led to the creation of many new opportunities for helicopter rental. Helicopter operator company in Turkey, Air operator certificate, Air taxi.

Safe travel, saving time and money, faster access to remote areas are basic criteria of our helicopter rental service. The fees that you pay for helicopter rental you will receive the pleasure of worthwhile experience.

To learn the appropriate helicopter rental fees for anything you can contact us as soon as possible.